and too much smoke (themcquiadbros) wrote in just_johnnyx,
and too much smoke

okay so i finally took pictures, another one will probably be posted tomorrow. my other/last poster came in today but i havent hung it up yet. well, here we go...

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Very nice!
that action figure is freaking amazing. alot of times when the make action figures from movies there's not that much detail, but it actually looks like him!
i know. i forget if its mcfarlane or not, cause i know thats who makes the 18" edward and its so detailed it looks EXACTLY like him.
Where can I get the piano-poster?
the figure is so cool! might have it. i got mine at the shore, it was in some mall thing at either wildwood or ocean city, im pretty sure ocean city though.
cool pics!

is this the 18" figure?
yup :)
it looks so much like my 7" one. :P can you also move that strap across his shoulder which you can use to hold the cutlass? :D
I have the poster with johnny playing the piano next to my window too.. creepy. holy shit you have so many posters of him, I only have one lol. I used to post pictures all over my room of ppl that I would be obsessed with but I calmed down a little, haha I miss it sometimes

jack doll = hott

your icon == MEGA HOTTTTTT.
you should have seen my walls when i had all my linkin park stuff up there. im gonna get frames for full-page pictures from magazines and frame them and hang them on my closet door, since thats like the only place i have room lol.

haha thanks, i love tom there, i've been trying to figure out what he chews on constantly
well it's not a ciggarette for once. lol