and too much smoke (themcquiadbros) wrote in just_johnnyx,
and too much smoke

okay so i was on this website and found out like everything they're coming out with for the C&CF movie. i dont know about you, but when i saw the list i started going crazy and now i cant wait til it all comes out cause im gonna be going like shop-happy.

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 18" Willy Wonka doll/action figure.
  • Puzzles
  • Games
  • Wonka’s TV Room Dress Up Set – Includes Wonka’s collapsible top hat, light up cane, TV room goggles and pocket watch.
  • Wonka’s Magical Chocolate Factory – Melt and mold Nestle? chocolate chips into wonderful chocolate shapes. Easy to use and melts in minutes. Includes 16 different molds for unique Wonka chocolate shapes and four lollipop sticks.
  • Activities - create your own posters, magnet set, creat your own jewelery
  • Table top pinball machine
  • Trading cards (90 in a set) -- i cant wait, cause i already have all the cards of the sleepy hollow and 21 jump street set, now i get to continue! :)
  • Activity books (found on amazon)
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