and too much smoke (themcquiadbros) wrote in just_johnnyx,
and too much smoke

If you have a community related to Johnny Depp in anyway and would like to affiliate with us, comment here.

Also, if you'd like to be a co-mod, comment here. There are only 2 spots open right now. The first two to comment are in.
Your job as a co-mod:
-Promote in communities and to Johnny Depp fans. You don't have to promote to 20 people everyday. Just promote once every so often. If you see a Johnny fan, promote to them.
-Create banners and anything else if needed.
-To sum it up, pretty much just help out =P
**If you become a co-mod and you decide you don't want to be one anymore, let me know. Also let me know if you create another username or leave the community**

Any questions ask me. Just comment this entry. If you want me directly, then IM me at xlost inafantasy
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